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BETEX MF Generator 3.0 - 22kW
400V, 500V, 600V

Induction Heaters - Middle Frequency 3 - 22kW

  • Specs
PART NUMBER: TB-MF350100010 - MF Generator 3.0 - 22kW 400V
PART NUMBER: TB-MF350100011 -
MF Generator 3.0 - 22kW 500V
- MF Generator 3.0 - 22kW 600V

BETEX MF Quick-Heater 3.0, middle-frequency technology - 22kW
  • Compact design with large 7" display
  • Heats according to preset temperature/time curve
  • Shows temperature development in chart form
  • Option of logging the heating cycle
  • USB connection for software upgrading
  • Login option for remote servicing
  • Smart electronics ensure optimal operating frequency
  • Adjustable power control
  • Advises user on optimal heating (more/fewer windings)
  • Dual temperature sensing (monitoring ΔT)
  • Option to operate several heaters together

For tension free heating we offer fixed or flexible inductors. This depends on work piece application.
- Fixed inductors for removing, labyrinth rings, sleeves, etc.
- Flexible inductors which can be placed around or in the work piece, or both.

Min. winding diameter flexibel Inductors 44 kW
Length m / °C
Min. Winding-
15/20/25/30m¹  /180°C
Ø 12 mm
ca. 75 mm
15/20/25/30m¹  /180°C
Ø 15 mm
ca. 100 mm
Ø 20 mm
ca. 120 mm