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BETEX AP 921 Series Air-Hydraulic Foot Pumps


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BETEX AP 921 Series Foot Pumps
700 bar

  • The air-driven hydraulic pump is designed for use with singleacting cyinders and tools like the Betex cylinder series
  • Rugged construction: most components are made of aluminium alloy and are built for long service life, easy operation and portability
  • Automatic 700 bar overload-relief valve protects components in hydraulic systems and ensures safe operation
  • New inlet/outlet design features slow deflation function reducing noise

BETEX AP 921 Drawing

  Max. Pressure (bar) Usable Oil Capacity cm³ Oil Volume Per Stroke cm³ 1st stage Oil Volume Per Stroke cm³ 2nd stage Air Supply Bar A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm H mm I mm Weight kg
Type: AP 921
Part #: TB-AP7200061
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700 750 700 100 7-10 423 170 160 8 70 399 59 ¼"-NPT 1.5 5.4